Exciting Sarah Vaughan Celebration Showcased Vibrant Jazz Community in Buffalo

Special Concert Strengthens Our Community

The 100th Centennial Celebration of Sarah Vaughan held at the Seneca One Auditorium, was more than just a tribute to one of jazz’s most iconic voices—it was a powerful demonstration of the vibrancy and evolution of our local jazz community. The evening featured the extraordinary vocal talent of DeeAnn DiMeo, who delivered breathtaking renditions of songs from Vaughan’s repertoire, captivating an audience that filled the venue.

DeeAnn DiMeo, accompanied by stellar musicianship from the Nixon, Croft, Goretti Trio, and special guest saxophonist Dave Schiavone, showcased not only her vocal talents but also the depth of talent within our community. The musicianship on display was nothing short of spectacular, with each artist bringing their unique touch to the timeless classics of the Great American Songbook, particularly those immortalized by Sarah Vaughan.

What truly set this event apart was the palpable sense of community that permeated the evening. The enthusiastic turnout and the heartfelt appreciation from the audience underscored the strong bond shared among jazz enthusiasts in Buffalo. The concert was more than just a musical performance; it was a gathering of friends, family, and fellow music lovers celebrating a shared passion for jazz and the artists performing.

Our Vibrant Community Comes Together

This event highlighted how Buffalo is evolving beyond having just a jazz scene to cultivating a vibrant jazz community. It’s a community where artists and audiences connect on a personal level, where the legacy of jazz is honored and its future is actively nurtured. The support for such events reflects a collective commitment to making jazz music accessible and appreciated by all.

The response to the Sarah Vaughan 100th Centennial Celebration is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines Buffalo’s jazz community. It exemplifies how we are coming together to enjoy world-class performances and support and uplift our local artists and venues. Special thanks are due to Mark Percy for his superior sound and lighting, and to Seneca One for their gracious hospitality, which contributed to the evening’s memorable atmosphere.

As we continue to organize events like these, it is clear that the jazz community in Buffalo is thriving. We are not just spectators of music within a jazz scene; we are active community participants in a cultural movement that enriches our city.

(Enjoy the fantastic photo gallery by Rob Szobski of Szobski Design. Rob artistically captures the performance and the strength of our community!)