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More beautiful than ever, in a twenty-plus-year-career, DeeAnn releases, a six-song collection of American jazz and folk classics that is reminiscent of Popular hits from the 1990’s to the 2000’s. It is dedicated to her brother, Frank DiMeo, Jr. DeeAnn took flight as a country singer and now returns to pay homage to her first love of Jazz and Pop. A self-described “mother and human being first” DeeAnn is a timeless voice, but for those who have felt pain, and who still stand shining light, against all odds. With a voice that is big, rich and gorgeous, a mind that is intelligent, and a heart that transforms suffering into beauty, DeeAnn sings for our enlightenment, for our souls.

‘Stay Here’ is a journey to Ella Fitzgerald to Beth Hart, and Norah Jones to Duke Ellington, sung by a stunning DeeAnn we’ve not yet heard. Start pouring the fine wine. Some things get better with age. DeeAnn gives of herself to such a degree that she elicits tears and gasps and goose bumps from audiences. In her lyrics, she writes of inner struggle, of redemption, a woman’s perspective; of social justice.